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House Rules

Welcome to our little slice of Paradise!

This is your place to relax, unwind and enjoy the beach, water and wildlife around you. Each time you look out the window, you will see something new – an otter eating an oyster on the swim float, Monty the Great Blue Heron catching fish right at the edge of the water, a pod of Orca passing through, a seal catching a salmon, the Purple Martins swooping around the pilings with their distinctive call, eagles teaching their young to hunt, and more.

We hope you enjoy your vacation here. Please let us know if there is anything we can do differently or provide to help make your stay here more relaxing.

Dishes, cutlery, serving bowls, pots & pans, etc are provided. There are two coffeemakers in the corner cupboard. You can set up one downstairs if you like. There is also a new spice rack which you are welcome to use, as well as some oils & vinegars, and a few condiments in the frig. If you use something completely up, however, we’d appreciate your replacing it. Help yourselves to herbs from the porch-area herb garden by the front door.

House Rules:

* This is a quiet, Residential neighborhood and we value our neighbors around us. Any noise or action that disturbs the neighbors is not permitted. If we receive a complaint from a neighbor, we will have to ask you to leave immediately. (That said, the neighbors are very reasonable people, so you don’t have to walk around whispering!)

– Ample parking is available on the property. Overflow parking is permitted on the grass slope at the top of the driveway (but not on the lawn in front of the next-door neighbor’s fence).

– No loud music, please!
– Quiet after 11 pm
– No Jet Skis

* Small (2’x 2′ max size) beach fires are permitted unless there is an open fire ban.
* A cooking grate is provided, as well as some weenie sticks, for use on the beach.
* Smoking is permitted outside only, and please contain your butts.
* Some firewood and kindling are provided; after that you are responsible for supplying your own.
* Any fire should be doused with water from the hose at the end of the night.

– This house is on a septic system (with the field on the WATER side). Please refrain from putting anything down the sink or toilet that doesn’t really, really need to go there. We’d appreciate damp, used toilet paper to be put in the waste basket rather than flushed.

The swim float is maintained by us for use by everyone – you, neighbors, passing paddlers, otters, herons, etc.
* ALWAYS FOLD THE LADDER BACK UP & BUNGY AFTER USE! Otherwise at low tide the ladder will probably be crushed by the heavy float.
-Use the swim float at your own risk.
-Bucket and brush are provided in case an otter or bird poops! If you happen to fill the bucket with empty beer cans, try to remember to take the empties back with you…
-Beach towels (and blankets) are provided in the downstairs bathroom closet. Please feel free to use the ‘water shoes’ on the stand in the carport when you are out swimming. Other extras are also available for your use – goggles, snorkel and mask, water-running belt, styrofoam noodles, etc.

– Small pets may be permitted if UNDER CONTROL AT AL TIMES. Please ask us.
– Please poop scoop after your pet and place in garbage.
– WATCH OUT FOR EAGLES! They are watching from the trees. They love little snack dogs.

– You require a license to harvest any of the above. Get information on area closures (due to Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning)where you buy your license (Royston or Union Bay Store should have them).

This rental agreement does NOT include housekeeping. We can arrange for housekeeping for an extra fee. Please ask!

If you would rather keep your accommodation costs down, please clean up after yourselves:
– beds & pillowcases stripped (and washed if possible).  We’ll remake the beds.
– beach, kitchen and bath towels in laundry room basket, washed and dried if time permits.
– dishes washed (still in dishwasher is OK) and kitchen counters wiped clean.
– Floors swept or vacuumed and major spills wiped up
– Bathrooms wiped down
– Fridges emptied (unless you have something that you would like to leave for others to use). Frank says you can leave any leftover beer in the downstairs frig…. 🙂
– cleaning supplies are provided in the kitchen closet.
– there is a clothesline set up off the carport and we’d love it if you would use that as much as possible. In fair weather, towels and bedding could be left on the clothesline to dry.

Bats are common throughout Vancouver Island. Some of them may have rabies. Close all windows /doors just before dusk unless they have a screen, or a blind can be pulled down to block the opening (eg, in the room off the kitchen).

Garbage Day is Tuesday. They will come anytime after 8 am. Please put all garbage in the can located near the entrance to the carport and place the can at the top of the driveway.
Garbage in bags should never be left outdoors outside the can, as raccoons, bears and birds can make a real mess of it.

– Recycling bags are set up in the Rec room upstairs as well as downstairs. We recycle plastic, paper, cardboard and metal. They can be mixed together.

Please use a separate bag for returnables (beer and pop cans, water and wine bottles etc). These can be stored in the storage room next to the downstairs bathroom. The wire bag holders are also useful for recycling/garbage if you’re having a family gathering or big BBQ dinner.

The BBQ is new (2013) and it includes a steak searer on the right side.  Try to remember to leave it clean (although I know that is easy to forget, so I’ll try to remember to check it). Please be sure to pull the BBQ away from the house–and well away from any cars–before use.