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Wildlife Photos

Wildlife Photos

There is always something happening so we keep our cameras within reach. Every photo was taken from a window or from just outside the house.


Notable ‘regulars’ include Harry & Helen the bald eagles, Monty the Great Blue Heron, and the Brady Bunch – a family of 8 otters who occasionally storm the swim float. Larry the seal catches salmon directly out front. The (as yet un-named) extended family of Purple Martins that originally established the only known natural nest (in the pilings out front) in North America now have a choice of accommodations including supplied purple martin houses. Kingfishers, Eagles, Gulls and Herons occasionally cause a scramble when they land on the pilings.

In the winter cormorants, with drying wings outstretched, dominate the pilings while the enormous Sea Lions can be seen plowing past through the water and during the herring run they can be heard bellowing on the log booms to the south. In Spring, dozens of hummingbirds fight for nectar at the feeders while Bald Eagles eye up the bunnies on the lawn and deer eat the new shoots and occasionally pee on the beach.

In Spring 2013, about a dozen of the gigantic sea lions did some ‘team hunting’ for herring perhaps 20 feet from the boat ramp. We’ve already had a pod of 4 Orca whales pass by on their way north.  These frisky whales breached about a dozen times and did some great tail-slapping, while half a dozen seals very quietly moved into shallow water, prepared to haul out onto our lawn if the Orcas came near.